ACGA features in Directors and Boards Magazine: The category ranking of A-share listed companies improved in CG Watch 2020


ACGA presented the findings of the latest CG Watch 2020 report in a column in the Directors and Boards Magazine, "The category ranking of A-share listed companies improved in CG Watch 2020". The article was extracted and translated from the Listed Companies section of the China chapter.

Directors and Boards Magazine is a monthly publication issued by the Jiangsu People’s Publisher, a first-tier publisher in China, founded in 1953. It is the only magazine in China that focuses on corporate governance issues of the Chinese A-share market. The mission of the magazine is to provide useful suggestions to company management, directors, supervisors and other decision-makers about how to improve their corporate governance standard and learn from various case studies. The magazine is read widely by business participants in China. It is available in Chinese only at the current stage.

Please click here to read the column in Chinese.