Submissions & Delegations
Writing submissions in response to regulatory consultations is a large part of ACGA's advocacy remit. Below is a collection of statements, submissions and letters written since the mid-2000s.

Our delegations offer members an opportunity to meet with regulators, government officials, corporate executives, domestic investors and CG/ESG leaders in an action-packed trip.
White Papers
ACGA "white papers" are original policy documents that focus on corporate governance issues in individual markets in the Asia region. Compiled with the support and expertise of ACGA members, our white papers pinpoint areas for reform and make practical recommendations. We also publish thematic regional reports.

Meetings & Presentations
ACGA also conveys advocacy messages through meetings with regulators and presentations at public and private fora. While many of these are focussed on individual markets, some have regional relevance. We typically do 30 to 40 public talks a year. Below is a selection of our more interesting and original presentations.

Thematic Research
CG Watch