Taiwan Advocacy
ACGA has been speaking at conferences in Taiwan and meeting with regulators and government agencies since the mid-2000s. We worked with members on a letter writing campaign to 30 large-cap firms in 2010, urging the adoption of more transparent AGMs and vote counting processes. In February 2011, we published a "white paper" on Taiwan and since then have met regularly with securities and stock exchange officials to share the findings of our biennial "CG Watch" market ranking report. In 2016, we made a submission on the proposed Taiwan stewardship code.
Taiwan White Papers - Taiwan
Taiwan White Paper

On 24 February 2011, ACGA launched a major policy paper on Taiwan, the "ACGA White Paper on Corporate Governance in Taiwan". This was our third white paper following Japan in 2008 and India in 2010.

The "Taiwan White Paper" was compiled on the basis of our own research and numerous contributions from ACGA members and associates around the world and in Taiwan. The paper is the first effort of its kind focussing on corporate governance issues in Taiwan and makes a series of recommendations for reform in three key areas:

  • Shareholder meetings and voting;
  • Board effectiveness; and
  • Shareholder rights

We believe that if Taiwan brings its corporate governance regime more closely into line with global best practices, this would help to attract more investment and make its capital markets more internationally competitive.

Our hope is that the points and recommendations raised in this document will serve to stimulate a lively exchange of views among and between government officials, legislators, financial regulators, stock exchanges, listed companies, as well as both domestic and foreign investors in Taiwan.


2011年2月24日, 亞洲公司治理協會發布了一份關於臺灣市場的重要政策報告,《亞洲公司治理協會臺灣公司治理白皮書》。這是本協會繼2008年的日本白皮書和2010年的印度白皮書後發布的第三份針對亞洲市場的白皮書。 《臺灣白皮書》是根據本協會的研究結果而編寫的。當中包括來自臺灣和世界各地協會會員和朋友的參與。這份白皮書是第一份專門研究臺灣公司治理議題的專門報告。報告中還包括一系列建議和提出三個方面的改革 股東會和會議投票; 董事會的有效性;及 股東權益。 我們相信如果臺灣可以把其公司治理方面的機制靠向全球最佳實踐發展,不但可以吸引更多投資者,還可以使臺灣的資本市場更加具有國際競爭力。我們希望在白皮書中的觀點和建議可以幫助推動政府官員、立法者、金融監管者、證券交易所、上市公司以及臺灣境內外投資者之間更多的交流和意見交換。

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