Roundtable on Climate Competent Boards, Tokyo


A Roundtable on Climate Competent Boards, initiated by Ms Karina Litvack (Non-Executive Independent Director for the Italian multinational oil and gas company, Eni), supported by ACGA and hosted by KPMG will be held on October 18.

Ms Litvack will lead a discussion moderated by Jamie Allen, Secretary General, ACGA. A select number of foreign and Japanese institutional investors, as well as independent/outside directors in Japan, will join the conversation to share their perspectives on how market expectations are evolving on the topic of climate change and board competence.

Overview. As climate change rises to the top of the policy and corporate agenda, an increasing number of companies are grappling with how to manage risks, identify opportunities, and embed a viable transition strategy into their business models. The release of the Financial Stability Board Task Force's recommendations on climate-related financial disclosures has also raised this topic to board level and created a new urgency to present an integrated picture to investors.

A key element in ensuring that these issues are appropriately addressed falls to the important role that boards of directors could and should play to support and oversee management in an environment marked by rapid change and unprecedented uncertainty. This will require the development of new approaches to board governance that bridge the divide between climate science, macroeconomic analysis and traditional board oversight processes.