AMAC article on ACGA


The first issue of the journal Voice, published in January by the Asset Management Association of China (AMAC), featured an article on ACGA, titled “Improving corporate governance by deferring to international experience and letting institutional investors play their role”.

The author of the article, Deng Huanle, AMAC's Head of Legal Department, praised ACGA's 16th Annual Conference in Tokyo and also highlighted our latest CG Watch 2016 report, which evaluates the corporate governance performance of 12 markets in Asia Pacific.
By deferring to the international experience, Deng says Chinese institutional investors will be able to play their roles more actively and thus improve corporate governance standards in China.
He concludes that China can learn a lot from both the success and failure of Japan’s fund industry. With mainland fund companies unable to visit Tokyo frequently due to red tape, he believes they could engage in bilateral dialogue with international institutional investors to attract more foreign investment in China.
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