IIC Corporate Governance Conference, Kuala Lumpur


Amar Gill, ACGA Secretary General Designate, spoke in a panel titled "Fit-For-Purpose: The Corporate Board’s Role in the Governance of Sustainability" at the Corporate Governance Conference hosted by the Institutional Investors Council of Malaysia (IIC) in Kuala Lumpur on 5 March 2024.

Discussion topics:

  • Are Malaysian corporate boards fit-for-purpose i.e., can they prepare and lead companies when dealing with the global and local sustainability challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, treatment of labour, workforce diversity, community engagement, etc.?
  • As the economy transitions; what must boards do to institute resilience and ensure just outcomes, i.e., that the rising tide does not leave some boats behind?
  • Discuss some examples of board failure/success in recognising megatrends and the important lessons to learn about preparing companies for the sustainability related headwinds to come.

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