Presentation to HKCGI


Amar Gill, Secretary General Designate, spoke in a webinar titled, "International Business Collaborations: Startups", hosted by The Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute on 29 January 2024.

Session description:
Investors and other capital providers have become increasingly interested in startup investments in creative product categories, including tech and bio, in the global business environment. The governance surrounding startups is often seen as ineffective or insufficient.
This lecture addresses some of the crucial governance concerns and provides sharing from experienced governance professionals that can help a startup succeed, including the following topics:

  • choosing the proper board with diverse perspectives - speakers will present case studies, including illustrations on bridging the cultural divide.
  • ensuring the proper corporate structure is used, and the discussions cover important insights on governance mechanisms to contribute to successful collaborations.
  • managing reporting focusing on climate disclosures is becoming more crucial to investors and other capital providers to demonstrate business resilience.

The discussions will also demonstrate the crucial function of governance professionals as trusted advisers to boards.

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