ACGA features in Ignites Asia: Small steps towards greater pay transparency in Asia's opaque markets


Stephanie Lin, Research Manager, China & Korea, features in an Ignites Asia article – Small steps towards greater pay transparency in Asia's opaque markets.

Stephanie's comments are quoted below.

“The transparency of senior executive remuneration in most markets in Asia has, at times, demonstrated room for improvement compared to other markets, such as Europe,”

“Without pressure from a diversified shareholder base, including foreign investors, there is little incentive to push regulators for better compensation disclosure of listed companies”

“During Covid, there was a significant surge of retail investors in Korea,” “These investors have started to care about issues such as corporate governance and have become a big voter base, which has pushed the government to pay more attention to some of the systemic corporate governance issues in Korea too,”

“The revised rule essentially creates a new category for large shareholders who intend to engage with companies on issues such as dividends and executive pay, but who are not trying to influence management through changes to the board,” ACGA says in its Corporate Governance Watch report for 2020.

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