ACGA Conference Report 2023 is now out!


The report on ACGA’s annual conference 2023 themed in Mumbai earlier this month “The future of governance: Asia’s fork in the road” is now available on our website.

The conference featured 31 speakers from across the region who shared insight during nine plenary sessions and a gala dinner on current topics for the region. The preface written by Jamie Allen, reviews the annual conferences over the last 22 years since ACGA’s first annual conference in 2001 and the approach ACGA has taken on these conferences over the years as Jamie steps down from his role early next year.

The speakers for the 9 sessions providing on-the-ground as well as regional/ global insight as summarised in this 22-page report:

• Where is the region heading on CG?
• Competing for IPOs: a race to the bottom?
• Forensic governance: How to get away with fraud
• Board refreshment: Calling time on stale boards
• The rise of the mid-cap
• SOE governance: Prospects for state behemoths
• Governance: A family affair
• It’s the geopolitics, dummy; and capital markets
• What next for CG reform in India?

Plus our special speaker for the gala dinner on:

• Giving women writers a voice

With thanks to our speakers, moderators, sponsors and the ACGA Secretariat, we trust that you will find here insightful perspectives on the key governance issues especially relevant to the region.