New Member: Orbis Investments


We are delighted to welcome Orbis Investments as our newest member.

Orbis Investments was founded in 1989 to provide clients with performance-oriented global investment management based on the principles of fundamental, long-term and contrarian thinking. Orbis is headquartered in Bermuda and has offices in eight countries. The majority of the portfolio management and trading activities for the Orbis Funds are conducted by a team of senior individuals based in Bermuda. Investment teams, which provide advice to the team based in Bermuda and undertake some portfolio management, are also located in London, San Francisco, and Hong Kong.

As at 30 September 2023, the Orbis Funds invested in equities listed in 12 Asian countries, with the majority being in Japan and Korea. Orbis' Hong Kong based investment team aims to identify undervalued shares in emerging markets. Orbis has an office in Tokyo, which services institutional clients; the Japan investment team is based in London.

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