New Member: Dimensional Fund Advisors


We are delighted to welcome Dimensional Fund Advisors as our newest member.

Dimensional Fund Advisors is a privately held asset management firm headquartered in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1981 by pioneers of the indexing industry, David Booth and Rex Sinquefield, Dimensional has always maintained close ties with some of the greatest minds in academic finance—from Merton Miller, Myron Scholes, and Gene Fama to Robert Merton and Ken French—who have held or currently hold active advisory and strategic leadership roles at the firm. Dimensional has offices in Australia, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong in addition to multiple locations across Europe and North America.

Since its founding over four decades ago, Dimensional has sought to provide better outcomes for investors through a transparent, rules-based investment approach that brings Nobel-winning academic research to life in markets. Dimensional believes in the efficiency of markets and market prices. Dimensional’s systematic strategies build on indexing through low-cost, diversified portfolios augmented by flexible trading practices aiming to deliver higher expected returns and robust risk management. The firm is passive in philosophy, yet active in its implementation.

With an AUM of nearly $650 billion, Dimensional develops and manages an array of solutions across mutual funds, ETFs, and SMAs on behalf of investment professionals around the world. The firm adheres to strict parameters designed to enhance returns and reduce costs while promoting a long-term investment horizon and the benefits of professional advice in optimizing wealth planning and investor experiences.

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