IIA Singapore: Public Sector Internal Audit Conference


Jamie Allen, Secretary General, spoke virtually in a panel “Advancing Responsible Business Conduct” at the Public Sector Internal Audit Conference, themed “Riding the Wave of Transformation” hosted by The Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore on 20 April 2023.

Responsible business conduct (RBC) enables a positive contribution to economic, environmental and social progress; with a view to achieving sustainable development, and avoiding and addressing adverse impacts related to an organisation’s direct and indirect operations, products or services. Promoting and enabling RBC is therefore central to any policy maker or government. What are the pillars to ensure an organisation is embarking on RBC? How can ethics be the foundation for RBC? What due diligence is necessary for the adoption of RBC? Using a RBC lens can help to make more balanced decisions while ensuring that organisations avoid creating further risks to people, the planet and society – or contributing to further destabilising supply chains down the line.

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