MIA's Corporate Board Leadership Symposium 2022


Jamie Allen, Secretary General, spoke in a panel session "The Evolution Of Shareholder Activism" at the virtual Corporate Board Leadership Symposium 2022: Mastering Governance in the Era of ESG, hosted by the Malaysian Institute Of Accountants on 30 May 2022.

Session Synopsis:
Shareholder activism is evolving in directions that demand high-level boardroom attention, marked by events that attest to a sea change in climate and ESG, notably climate activists winning three Exxon board seats during the annual meeting that produced the “proxy vote heard ‘round the world.” This session reviewed aggressive activist techniques and best practices for effective corporate defence, the panel members discussed:

  • Issues and experiences vis-a-vis the board’s position on shareholder activism
  • How boards can assess their vulnerability to activist campaigns, and steps that can pre-empt activist campaigns
  • Strengthening shareholder relations to protect the company’s future and reputation
  • Communicating ESG strategy to the broader workforce and external stakeholders

If you would like to learn more, please refer to the programme flyer.