Webinar for Columbia Business School


Jamie Allen, Secretary General, spoke in a webinar titled “What Do Asset Managers Really Want (From Companies)?” hosted by the Center on Japanese Economy and Business of the Columbia Business School on 30 March 2022.

Topics discussed included:

  • The meteoric rise of ESG investing strategies has made the role of asset managers more important than ever before in the history of the industry. How do asset managers actively seek to shape and change the behavior of companies on a variety of financial and non-financial issues? How do their approaches differ from country to country?
  • The ESG agendas of asset managers need to be tailored to the specific legal, regulatory, and cultural environment of different countries. Diversity has a different context in Japan than it does in the US, for example. CEO compensation is often an issue of too much in the US, and too little in Japan.
    How do global asset managers balance their ESG agendas to reflect local circumstances? How do they define ESG priorities for companies with global operations and global supply chains that operate across many countries, cultures, and legal systems?
  • What are the key issues on which asset managers are coming together as an industry to promote in Asian countries as a whole vs. Japan, and vs. the US? How has the global pandemic affected this agenda?

To learn more about the webinar, please visit the website of Columbia University.