GPPC Roundtable - The future of ESG reporting explored


Jamie Allen, Secretary General, moderated a Roundtable on "The Future of ESG Reporting Explored" hosted by the Global Public Policy Committee (GPPC) on 2 December 2021. This session is part of a series of regional roundtables on climate-focused sustainability reporting sponsored by the GPPC.

The GPPC is made up of representatives of the six largest global accounting firm networks and focuses on public policy issues related to the profession. Participants explored the current ESG reporting landscape and what incremental ESG and climate-related disclosures can be made to address market participants’ and society’s broad interest in ESG and climate issues. Grounded in the understanding that there is a disconnect between what current accounting and auditing standards require and what stakeholders expect and demand, the discussion explored potential approaches to better align sustainability reporting and assurance standards with stakeholder and societal objectives.