Business Environment Council Webinar


Jamie Allen, Secretary General, joined a forum organised by the Business Environment Council (BEC), Hong Kong called “Drivers for Sound Corporate Climate Governance: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for Companies in Hong Kong” on 27 September 2021.

BEC recently published a report “Corporate Governance for Climate Resilience: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for Companies in Hong Kong” which discusses trends of corporate climate governance and understands the industry practices among Hong Kong companies. The report finds that listed companies in Hong Kong are demonstrating climate accountability through establishing Board-level sustainability committee, issuing Board statement on climate change/sustainability, and setting and reviewing emission reduction targets. The importance of Board awareness was further discussed, such that Board diversity, professional trainings and coordination between internal units are key to build climate resilience.

In this webinar, we explored how different stakeholders interact to enable strong climate governance and awareness. With the rise of stakeholder activism and increasing concerns towards climate change, how should companies respond and prepare for these transition risks? 

If you would like to learn more, please visit BEC's website.