ACGA-PRI webinar “Corporate Governance in South East Asia: What investors need to know”


ACGA and the PRI hosted the second webinar out of the three-part series webinars on Corporate Governance in Asia, with each focusing on a specific country or region including China, Southeast Asia and India.

The second webinar, titled "Corporate Governance in South East Asia: What investors need to know" was hosted on 27 May 2021. There were over 160 attendees at the webinar and we received many positive comments. This webinar explored the outlook for corporate governance in SE Asia in 2021. A panel of experts shared their views on areas of progress in terms of regulation and disclosure and provided recommendations for investors on engagement and voting.

Topics discussed included:

  • What are some of the common corporate governance issues that take priority in the region, given most companies tend to be state or family controlled?
  • To what extent do local investors actively engage with companies? What are some the unique challenges they face in building the momentum for change?
  • What are the connections between corporate governance and public governance in Southeast Asia?
  • Jamie Allen, Secretary General, ACGA
  • Ben McCarron, Founder & Managing Director, Asia Research & Engagement 
  • Dr. Srikanya Yathip, Secretary General, GPF Thailand
  • Pauline Ng, Managing Director & Head of ASEAN Equities (Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific Equities Group), JP Morgan Asset Management
  • Mak Yuen Teen, Associate Professor, NUS Business School
  • Moderated by Vaishnavi Ravishankar, Senior Analyst, ESG, PRI

Please click here to download the presentation materials and click here to listen to the recording.