Webinar – The ABCs of Creating Climate-Ready Boards


As part of the programme of the ACGA Virtual Conference 2020, the second follow-on workshop was held on 16 December 2020. The topic was “The ABCs of Creating Climate-Ready Boards”. Thanks to our great moderator and speakers Benjamin McCarron, Karina Litvack and Sunita Rajakumar, and all participants for a lively discussion.

The ABCs of Creating Climate-Ready Boards
It seems fair to say that the increasing concern shown by governments, scientists, the media, investors, civil society groups and members of the public around the world towards climate change has not yet been matched by an equal sense of urgency in most boardrooms. Yet climate change will have a significant impact on business operations and profitability as a result of both physical (eg, weather) and transition (eg, regulatory, taxation) risks. How should boards in Asia get ready for this upheaval? What new skills and capacity are needed in the boardroom and management? What lessons can Asian companies learn from efforts made by their peers in other parts of the world? And what, if anything, is likely to be different in Asia in terms of the physical impacts of climate change or the most effective way for companies to respond?

Mr Benjamin McCarron
, Managing Director, Asia Research & Engagement, Singapore; Specialist Consultant, Asian Corporate Governance Association

Ms Karina Litvack
, Independent Director, Eni; Co-Founder & Advisor, Climate Governance Initiative, World Economic Forum, London
Datin Sunita Rajakumar, Founder, Climate Governance Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur