Featured in AsianInvestor article “China insurers to improve CG over three years”


Nana Li, Research and Project Director – China, was quoted in a September article by AsianInvestor magazine about China’s three-year plan for improving corporate governance standards in the banking and insurance industry. 

Nana told AsianInvestor:

‘Smaller insurers in China often lack a clear shareholding structure, resulting in internal power struggles or ownership battles. The plan seeks to bring about a more defined shareholding structure and normalise shareholders’ behaviour, so companies will focus more on the core functions of creating value for shareholders and building robust investment strategies.’

‘The plan is vital for enhancing corporate governance and transparency of banks and insurers, who could then serve as role models for the rest of the investment community. It sets out high-level principles for achieving these goals. Details about the implementation are expected to be released at a later stage.’

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