Webinar – “Another Awkward Acronym: Demystifying TCFD”


Following the cancellation of our 20th Anniversary Conference that was scheduled in February 2020 in Hong Kong, we had promised to convert some of our conference workshops to webinars. The session on the  Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) was hosted as a webinar on Wednesday, 10 June 2020.  We thank our speakers for their insightful presentations, as well as the Hong Kong Green Finance Association (HKGFA) for being the supporting organisation. More than 100 members of ACGA and HKGFA from Asia-Pacific, the UK and Europe joined the discussion.

Please see below details of the webinar.

Topic: “Another Awkward Acronym: Demystifying TCFD”

A workshop introducing TCFD and why it has rapidly become the gold standard for climate-related reporting. Despite its forbidding acronym, TCFD offers companies a practical framework for thinking about and reporting on the impact of climate change on their businesses. It puts governance at the heart of the process and provides sensible guidance on strategy, risk management, and metrics/target setting. What more could regulators be doing to promote the concept to listed companies? Are investors communicating effectively with companies on this issue? What do companies need to do to gear up?


Ms Hannah Routh, Partner, Asia Pacific Leader for Sustainability and Climate Change, Deloitte China, Hong Kong


Dr Matthew Bell, Asia Pacific Leader, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young, Brisbane

Ms Pru Bennett, Principal, Tawarri Consulting; ACGA Council Member, Sydney

Ms Megan Saussey, General Manager, Sustainability and Community, APA Group, Sydney