Asia Matters podcast on the Luckin Scandal


Nana Li, Senior Research Analyst, was invited to speak in an episode of the Asia Matters podcast hosted by Andrew Peaple on the topic of “The Luckin Scandal: How 'China's Starbucks' Crashed”.

The pandemic-related lockdown continues in much of the world but in China they are getting back to work. 
That gives us a chance to look into a major scandal from the business world that’s come to light in recent weeks at a company called Luckin Coffee, once billed as China’s answer to Starbucks.
The company, whose shares are listed in New York, shocked investors in April when it emerged it may have simply fabricated over $300 million of revenue last year.
It’s an extraordinary story, with big questions not just for Luckin’s management but also the banks and accounting firms that backed it.

The podcast is released on 8 June 2020. If you would like to listen to it, please visit the Asia Matters website.