Presentation at TIDA’s Independent Director Forum, Taipei


Neesha Wolf, ACGA specialist consultant in Taiwan, was invited to give a keynote speech on the topic of “Corporate Governance in a New Reality” at the Independent Director Forum by the Independent Director Association Taiwan (TIDA) at the Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei on 29 April 2020.

Neesha spoke on how Taiwan's successful response to the pandemic has much in common with the ACGA's ecosystems approach to corporate governance. Citing a Harvard Business Review on how organizations can prepare for a pandemic, she outlined the importance of maintaining awareness of the overall system, preparing for exponential growth and implementing quick, transparent and comprehensive action. She noted how doing so had helped Taiwan avert the worst in the coronavirus crisis and how these approaches are also relevant in addressing climate change.

The presentation received positive coverage in the local press even though only 80 people were allowed to attend the event due to physical distancing measures in place to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus.