Discussion at the IIC-SIDC Conference, Kuala Lumpur


Jamie Allen, Secretary General and Benjamin McCarron, Special Consultant, were invited to speak at the following sessions at the IIC - SIDC Governance Convention 2019: Rising Beyond Principles and Policies at the Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur on 18 November 2019.

Panel Session One on Corporate and Public Governance – Have we Done Enough?
The opening session compared and contrasted public and corporate governance practices and how it delivers expectations to a community of stakeholders. Jamie Allen was one of the panelists.
Topics included:

  • What does it take to build and uphold a sound global market reputation?
  • Commonality of what investors and the public want
  • Prerequisites for governance and accountability principles to work successfully 
  • Rising beyond principles and policies- Have we done enough?
  • What the action plans moving forward?


Panel Session Three on Global Developments in Stewardship Codes & Role of Institutional investors
The discussion focussed on how stewardship codes are used in various jurisdictions to encourage institutional investors to be more involved and responsible shareholders. Jamie Allen was the speaker and one of the panelists.
Topics included:

  • Types, nature, purpose and benefits of stewardship codes
  • How are the codes used? Best known practices
  • Challenges of enforcing stewardship codes
  • Challenges of monitoring alignment to the code
  • Measuring effectiveness of codes


Concurrent Session A on ESG and Sustainable Investment
The session discussed the business case for institutional investors to promote sustainable, responsible impact businesses for the wellbeing of our planet. Benjamin McCarron was the moderator.
Topics included:

  • Rising trend of sustainable, responsible impact investing (SRI)
  • ESG funds vs conventional fund performances
  • Institutional investors role in climate change and green technologies
  • Value proposition of Shariah compliant businesses


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