Driving business value & sustainability through active investors: a roundtable discussion, Bangkok, Thailand


Jamie Allen will present views of international investors to the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission's roundtable discussion "Driving Business Value & Sustainability Through Active Investors" in Bangkok on 17 July 2018.  A summary of his session is presented below.

Investment governance codes or stewardship codes have been internationally recognised as important tools for strengthening Institutional Investors’ competitiveness in domestic and global market; and supporting the role of active and responsible shareholders in promoting sustainable and competitive business operation by listed companies, to achieve long-term sustainable returns to clients, financial market stability and economic growth.

  • What investors are looking for in the listed companies in the world of disruption and increasing expectations on ESG
  • The increasing expectations on the role of investors
  • Challenges on business and investors
  • Fiduciary duty in challenging times; how business measure and report on the value they create for shareholders and stakeholders


Please see the draft programme for more information.