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Annotated Links - Taiwan



  1. Key government sites
  2. Regulatory agencies & stock exchanges
  3. Accounting and auditing sites
  4. Activist organisations
  5. Miscellaneous

1. Key government sites

Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA): www.moea.gov.tw
MOEA is in charge of Taiwan’s overall economic management and sets policies affecting industries, businesses, trade and investment. Its website carries comprehensive information about policy initiatives, statistics, and laws and regulations.

Ministry of Finance (MOF): www.mof.gov.tw
The Ministry of Finance has transferred most financial regulatory functions to the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC). But its website provides useful financial statistics and trade data, as well as texts of regulations on the budget, tax and customs.

Central Bank of China (CBC): www.cbc.gov.tw
Taiwan’s central bank. Its website contains up-to-date data concerning the Taiwanese economy and financial system, including details of the banking sector, laws and regulations, and currency and foreign exchange management.

Ministry of Justice (MoJ): www.moj.gov.tw
Taiwan’s de facto anti-corruption body, although the website contains limited information on anti-corruption activities. There is a useful link to the government’s laws and regulations database, however.

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2. Regulatory agencies & stock exchanges

Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC): www.fsc.gov.tw
The FSC is Taiwan’s single regulator of the banking, securities and insurance sectors. Its English website is mainly useful for updated press releases, and the link to its Securities and Futures Bureau (SFB), which has contents related to corporate governance.

Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE): www.twse.com.tw
Taiwan’s main board. Its website contains a lot of data on prices, trading and market statistics. There is also a comprehensive section on corporate governance under “Listed Companies”. Detailed corporate disclosure is found at this link, emops.tse.com.tw.

GreTai Securities Market: www.otc.org.tw
Taiwan’s over-the-counter market. Its website provides mostly market-related data and statistics. Basic corporate information can be accessed through a search engine found under “Listed Companies”.

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3. Accounting and auditing sites

Accounting Research and Development Foundation (ARDF): www.ardf.org.tw
The ARDF is responsible for maintaining accounting and audit standards in Taiwan. Its English website provides background materials on these standards, as well as information on the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

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4. Activist organisations

Taiwan Corporate Governance Association (TCGA): www.cga.org.tw
TCGA, established by accounting and legal professionals, academics and business people, is Taiwan's leading corporate governance NGO. The website’s content is mostly in Chinese, with information in English covering its history, mission and principles.

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5. Miscellaneous

Securities and Futures Investor Protection Center (SFIPC): www.sfipc.org.tw
A government agency that fields investor complaints, files class-action lawsuits on behalf of small investors, and runs an investor compensation fund. Its website has fairly detailed descriptions of its services and activities.

Securities and Futures Institute (SFI): www.sfi.org.tw
The SFI serves as an information, research and educational centre for industry professionals and investors. The English site is basic, but has useful downloads on corporate governance codes and issues.

Taiwan Securities Association (TSA): www.csa.org.tw
The TSA is made up of securities dealers, and aims to enhance investor protection and assist in the promotion of a better-regulated market. The English content of the site is sparse, and mostly provides background information about the organisation.

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