CG Watch 2016: Ecosystems matter

This is our eighth CG Watch survey in collaboration with CLSA and the first to include Australia. If there is a single message this year, it is that the ecosystem of corporate governance in any market is not just important, it is the differentiating factor between long-term system success and failure. In various ways our previous surveys have always shown this: Hong Kong and Singapore do not consistently top the survey by accident, they do it because they have the best institutions —legal, regulatory, economic—for corporate governance in the region. But this year the inclusion of Australia brought many things into sharper focus, allowing us to look at old issues from a fresh perspective.

In terms of our Asian country rankings, which continue to be based on our original 11 markets, there are a number of changes in either score or ranking. Two markets have risen in the rankings and five have risen in score. Three markets have fallen in rankings and four have fallen in score.

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